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    Network rendering


      I'm trying to figure out how to submit a network render in AFX on a mac without copying all local files to the watch folder.  In windows I would just add files to my comp using an absolute network path by going to the network/my machine/shared folder/path to file, all the render machines see the file and render the comp.  How do I do that on a Mac? I cannot figure out how to add files on my local machine to a comp using a network path.

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          That is clever the way you have been doing it on win. I haven't tried this, but it might work on Mac. Create a link starting at / that points to your footage. On your local, machine, it will be local link and on the other machines, you mount that drive and make a network link. I.e. suppose your footage is actually at /MacintoshHD/Users/Foobar/MyFootage. On the local machine you would do something like:


          ln -s /MacintoshHD/Users/Foobar/MyFootage /FootageRemote


          On the remote machines, you would mount that drive as say /Volumes/SourceMachine and do:


          ln -s  /Volumes/SourceMachine/Users/Foobar/MyFootage /FootageRemote


          and then add all of your footage in AE starting at /FootageRemote. It is key that the /FootageRemote not share a root with the project I think, otherwise the relative path will be tried.


          And no guarantee this will work! But if this is a workflow you really like, it might be worth the hour to give it a try.