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        [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

        Cory, I am sorry to disappoint you. Nevertheless: there are no hyperlinks in that PDF either.


        As I said, the only "magic" is happening inside Acrobat Reader (which, you'll hopefully agree with me, includes "opening the PDF" for you).


        You can see for yourself if you disable that option -- the Preference screen is in my message. Note that it does not make the Reader "disable all hyperlinks" altogether, as correctly made hyperlinks will still work.

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          CorySouthpaw Level 1

          Ok guess I retract my earlier statement.  That setting is 'enabled' in my Acrobat Reader...  I don't recall ever turning it on, so I assumed it was default PDF behavior.  So what's your best suggestion for this then, the answer marked "Correct"?

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            [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

            That setting is on by default. Adobe really needs re-thinking that, considering the numerous problems it causes.


            The funny thing is, I came across this thread to check if it was possible to add a hyperlink to text in Illustrator. Seems that other than the various manual kludges mentioned here – and I am quite sure they all work* –, there is No Such Option.


            * Except the ones that claim that it 'magically' works. They are also fooled by that Reader's default setting.

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