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    Link works in Acrobat Std 8.0, Acrobat Reader 8.2, but not in Reader 9.0


      Hi. I also posted this in the Acrobat site:.  Perhaps this might be a more appropriate location?





      I faced a really strange thing today.  I created a report PDF through Xcelsius.  In this PDF, I have a Flash button which, when clicked, would link to an Excel (.xls) file within our LAN.  The link works within Acrobat Standard 8.0 but not within Acrobat Reader 9.0.  I have examined the preferences on both and they are identical (as far as I can see).




      Software used:  Xcelsius 2008 SP1

                             Acrobat Standard 8.0.0

                             Acrobat Reader 9.0

                             Acrobat Reader 8.2 (later)


      Link address:   file://G:\Management\[sub-directory]\[sub-sub-directory]\[filename].xls


      Any help at all will be welcomed and appreciated.


      Thank you!


      --- Update ---


      I later uninstalled Reader 9.0 and reinstalled Reader 8.2 and the link worked in Reader 8.2.  The link is a direct address and not a script.  The file is opened in IE 7 as a spreadsheet with Macros attached.  It is important for me that it works in both versions of Reader as there are several versions of Acrobat Reader deployed among our hospital -- Reader 7, 8, and 9.


      Can someone help shed some light on this, please?