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    Problem with calucations when data is imported from a 3rd party application


      I am pretty new to using scripting and calculations in an Adobe form.  Here's my issue...


      I have created a form with a simple if/else statement/calculation script in a handful of fields.  The calculation works fine when I manually input data into the applicable fields.  The problem is that this Adobe form is used in a 3rd party application where data is input into a browser ... then the PDF form pulls in the data that was input in the browser based form.  When the 3rd party application launches the the Adobe form to be viewed/saved, all the expected data appears on the form with the exception of the fields containing calculation scripts.  After I launch the form; if I go into the fields using the scripts and tab through or manually enter new data, the calculations work.


      Does anyone have experience with this scenario and are there any recommendations?


      Thanks for any help in advance ... Alex