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    What is Lingo handler >>QuickTimeVersion() << really doing?




      I am programming with Lingo (vers. 8.5) Macromedia Director files, and use QuickTime VR for the visualisation of 360° panoramas. So QuickTime is needed, but for some of our clients the installation of Apple Quicktime is already a difficulty. Unattended, silent installation as for instance of QuickTime_Alternative.exe of codecguide.com would be much better for them. So I performed some tests.


      After having installed QuickTime_Alternative.exe, I checked with Macromedia Director the version number. The handler " QuickTimeVersion() " gave "8.0100" .


      This is obviously not true. The program QuickTime_Alternative.exe uses the same file and registry values as QuickTime, they state. There is a discussion running on  this subject now on http://codecs.freeforums.org/quicktime-alternative-not-completely-uninstalled-t2387.html


      It would be helpful to know:


      What is >>QuickTimeVersion()<< really doing, when looking after the value?