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    getNetText failing in Director 11.5

    Carl Woffenden Level 1

      Hi! I have an odd situation: on different hardware we have in the office, a mixture of WIndows and Macs, getNetText either works or fails each time on a particular machine with netError 4836 ("download stopped for an unknown reason"). For example, this will always work, regardless of the machine:



      id = getNetText"http://www.adobe.com/")

      -- wait for netDone...

      put netError(id)

      -- OK


      But others can fail, and it's always the case that if the URL fails on one machine prone to the failures it fails on the others:


      id = getNetText("http://mamba.pv.com/demos/twitter/tweets")

      -- wait for netDone...

      put netError(id)

      -- 4836


      Try the same URL in a browser and it will work, always. Any ideas?