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    Revision number in forms.

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      I have a series of forms that are stored in a subversion repository.  I want to be able to display the repository's version onto the form.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  We can do this with SSRS reports and stored procedures but this is through SQL Server Manager and Visual Studio.


      Can Adobe LiveCycle achieve this?




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          Dallas Kuhn Level 3

          If you mean the version number of the SVN commit, then yes it is possible. I

          use script objects for all my functions and right at the top of the file i

          create a variable (e.g. var version = "$Id:$";). Then on the XDP file right

          click and go to TortoiseSVN > Properties and create a new property

          (svn:keywords) with a property value (Revision HeadURL Id) . Each time the

          XDP is committed, it updates the variable with the latest date, time and

          user commit info.