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    ADDT multiple image upload: "error 500"


      Right now, I have managed to get the update record form wizard working, the right input ends up in the correct fields in the database.
      So I'm left fighting with the "multiple image upload", which gives me an "error 500" message (error connecting to server)
      The window does show me the correct files in the correct folder, but when I try and upload an image I always get the error 500 message.

      I have read that the "multiple file upload" uses a temporary folder, and Im assuming that the "multiple image upload" does the same, and I suppose that I should CHMOD that folder to 777.

      Do you know where I can find that folder?

      Can anyone help me with that error?



      Sorry about my name, I tried a lot of other names, and all were taken, but this random name went just fine