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    Child projects missing from merged help output (RH7)


      I set up a merged parent project per Peter Grainge's instructions. While everything seemed to work fine at first, I found that a couple of my child projects stop appearing in the parent project's output after the first time I generate the output. (That is, I added all my child projects to the parent, generated the output, and all child projects were account for. However, when I subsequently generated the output for the parent project, two of ten child projects were missing.)


      This has happened to me before (sometimes it doesn't happen after the first generation of content... it may take a few times), and it makes me think that merging projects is extremely unreliable. I see the advantages and want to take a merged project approach, but if it keeps "losing" child projects in the output, it's not worth the effort. I've spent many hours troubleshooting and re-doing projects. If it's something I'm doing, don't know where else to look to correct this issue.


      Note that my projects are very small at this point: a parent project consists of two to 10 child projects, with no more than 400 topics in total. I am using RH7 as part of the Technical Communications Suite v1 on a Vista OS. Topics for the child projects are imported from FrameMaker as either books or individual .fm files, as required.


      I have done the following:


      1. Verified that all child projects are added correctly.

      2. Re-read Peter's instructions.

      2. Re-built the parent project per Peter's instructions (same issue occurring).

      3. Built one of the missing child projects from scratch and then added to the parent project (still not showing up).


      Any guidance on how I might address this issue would be greatly appreciated.