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    Illustrator CS3 upon launch crashes


      Recently, bought an Apple iMac, installed Parallels virtual machine and installed my Windows XP Professional and installed my CS3 Premium. Every program works except Illustrator. It crashes every time I launch it getting the error message..."blah, blah, blah, sorry for the inconvenience...'' and asks to send an error report. I have uninstalled and reinstalled every possible way, downloaded all the updates, and fixed the registry, repeatly and every time it fails.


      I have been using CS3 on my HP laptop every since I got it and never had issues. My brother seems to think that my installation disk is scratched and messes up the download. So, basically, it somehow got scratched when I put it on my mac. Could this be an issue or is this something else?



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Well, it installs, doesn't it? So what has that to do with the program not launching? If the disc was scratched, you'd notice issues during the install aleready... Anyway, The issue may be dependent on some shared components not being installed correctly. most likely candidates for this is anything related to PDF, so it may be necessary to experiment with Acrobat/ Adobe Reader and update/ reinstall/ whatever it. That aside, of course in a VM there is never any guarantees. The crash may be a silly driver issue somewhere, so check your event viewer for the crash signature.



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            oryxncmedia Level 1

            Hello Mylenium,


            Thanks for the input. In regards to your question, yes, it installs but like I said it crashes upon launch. It is the only program that crashes, every other program in the suite works. Adobe support sent me this doc: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/401/kb401053.html


            This is the error message: Faulting application error illustrator.exe, version, faulting module gdiplus.dll, version 5.2.6001.22319, fault address 0x0000f75b.


            Also, as I stated, everything works fine on my HP laptop.


            This is very frustrating. I bought the new imac 2 weeks ago and have yet to do any design work because of this issue. Illustrator is the one program above all I use the most. I am trying to avoid having to pay someone to solve this issue.


            Let me know what you think. Thanks!



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              Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



              It may be worth trying to Move the folder or to look at the Other options

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                rjh98765 Level 1

                I'm having exactly the same problem.  Everything works on my virtual machine EXCEPT for Adobe Illustrator.  Ideally, I'd just fix this problem by doing a crossgrade over to the Mac version, but Adobe is unwilling to let me do that without upgrading to CS4.


                I also installed the VPC on a new iMac, and I'm having the identical issue, so I doubt it's a need to wipe your preferences, or a bad CD, or anything like that.


                Let me know if you run across any solutions.  Sorry I can't help.



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                  oryxncmedia Level 1

                  Finally, someone else with this problem but no luck here. However, I have moved my issue to the Parallels forum but without any solutions. I have tried everything everyone suggested here at Adobe but nothing. I am letting my brother try to figure this out b/c he is in school for computer engineering but he still hasn't figured out a fix.


                  What vm brand are you using?


                  Here is what we have figured out with Parallels. Parallels has these pc tools called Parallels tools that makes the mac and vm work together but that is what is keeping Illustrator from launching. When we uninstalled the tools illustrator launches but you loose the ability to use full screen mode and the mouse doesn't work anymore. This is how we figured out it was the tools were the issue. Haven't figured out a way around it yet. Had many suggestions on the forum but nothing has worked. I am trying to avoid paying someone to figure this crap out. Anyway, we are gonna try VMWare Fushion and eventually try Bootcamp. We have been working on this since I bought my mac back in January and I have nothing to show for it. We are very pissed!


                  I will keep you posted! Good luck!

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                    rjh98765 Level 1

                    Good luck to you, too!



                    It does not seem that Adobe is taking this seriously in any way.  There is quite an easy solution to this: give us crossgrade licenses from PC to Mac.  However, they are unwilling to budge from their arbitrary guidelines.  I'd love to actually hear from Adobe with a solution, one way or another.



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                      rjh98765 Level 1

                      This is clearly a known issue with Illustrator CS3 and Parallels.  The solution seems simple, but no response from Adobe yet.

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                        oryxncmedia Level 1

                        Well, I have a solution. Switch to Fushion. Everything works now. I left Parallels a not so friendly post on their forum about their software. I am surprised they even posted because they have a "moderator" that checks emails before they post them. If they don't like it, they don't post it. Freakin dictatorship! I want to figure out a way around the issue to post it in their forum so other people can get the fix.


                        Keep me posted if you figure anything out and I will do the same but like I said, we just switched to Fushion.

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                          Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                          It is clearly not an Illustrator issue so it is really hardd to understand your stand on this.


                          First o all you have CS 3 and that has not been supported since CS 4 came out which is almost 2 years ago and you might have even of purchased CS3 when it first came out over three years ago and you are now having this problems not due to anyones fault, so it seems pretty unreasonable on your part and only on your part to be quite honest.


                          The smart thing t do is upgrade as Adobe suggested and as by now even before you purchased the software ths has always been Adobe's policy you were certainly not surprised


                          And of course Adobe does not support parallels and is not responsible for you decision to change platforms, which is crlerly your wn responsibilty an if you did not research it properly I think that makes this your error.

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                            rjh98765 Level 1

                            I find this to be a pretty staggeringly self-righteous and intentionally obtuse response.


                            Clearly, Adobe does not cease all support for a prior version the second a new version comes out, so we can dispense with the idea immediately that anyone is barred from a service request on one version previous.


                            You know as well as I do that the major difference between CS3 and CS4 is the change from "CS3" to "CS4" in the title.  To me, not entirely justifying of a demand on your part to upgrade.


                            All of this sidesteps the fact that you miss (intentionally?) the primary point: there's an easy fix to this.  Adobe just lets me do a crossgrade.  No skin off of anyone's nose.


                            Clearly, they CAN make me get a fruitless upgrade.  And clearly, I COULD have individually researched every single title prior to switch to make absolutely sure it would run perfectly under parallels.  But neither of these entirely makes sense.


                            I'm not demanding that Adobe fix this.  I'm simply stating that it would be nice to get a response, and I would prefer that that response was helpful rather than hiding behind a policy which, in this case, makes little sense.


                            Thanks for the moralizing yet unhelpful response!

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                              Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                              Self righteous! We are talking about software!

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                                rjh98765 Level 1

                                Which is why I found your unhelpful self-righteousness so poorly placed.

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                                  cvreeland Level 1

                                  oryxncmedia wrote:


                                  Well, I have a solution. Switch to Fushion. Everything works now.


                                  So, obviously the problem was running CS3 in the Parallels virtual environment. Seems like installing Boot Camp and booting the machine into Windows would have been the FIRST troubleshooting move. Remove layers of abstraction.

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                                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                                    Yes your problems are not something I can be of assistance with at all.


                                    At most it will cost you $200.00 to upgrade.


                                    If this is your business and you make your living this way…?

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                                      rjh98765 Level 1

                                      Yes your problems are not something I can be of assistance with at all.



                                      If you knew that it would be of no assistance, and you only sought to moralize, why did you respond?


                                      (btw, $599 for upgrade of Design Premium)

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                                        Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                                        Seems like a fair price.


                                        Why how much money do you send to run your business that $600 would break it?


                                        I responded because it sees you were not being really very objected and this is a community affair not one person's forum.


                                        We are hear to exchange experiences and i am offer you a different perspective.


                                        No one says you have to do anything you don't want all that is being suggested here is that here are alternatives.


                                        And it is good to let other users with similar problems know it may be their issues and not the the software company that did not develop the program for a special configuration since it involved a third party developer whose responsibility it would be to make their software work.


                                        As pointed out buy other users.


                                        I see nothing on the specs for AI that indicates it will work on the configuration in question here.


                                        Perhaps you can show us where Adobe says it will work?


                                        Does the other software developer guarantee that Illustrator will work on when running their software? Do they even state it will run?

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                                          rjh98765 Level 1

                                          I still fail to see why this is productive.  It seems odd to receive validation for your business by spending money.


                                          Clearly, you have missed my entire point.  Perhaps someone else can actually address it.

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                                            I'm having a similar problem with my Illlustrator CS3 on Mac OSX Panther 10.6.3. It had been working fine for a few weeks on this new MacPro4, and sinc the last Adobe updater it crashes upon opening. Support told me to reinstall, that cleared it once, but now restarting computer and it doesn't want to open again, even after a reinstall.

                                            (Sorry can't afford the CS5 just yet!)

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                                              6,887 posts??? You obviously work for Adobe.. Is it just me or does every discussion have one of you guys come in a chastize somebody about a "bad decision" (usually to save money, god forbid)... If you guys spent this time on helping people, rather than guising yourself as know-it-all-trend-setters in order to make people feel like s* so they go purchase an upgrade, you might actually do more business.

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                                                I have the same problem but it happens randomly.Can anyone help me ?



                                                Faulting application illustrator.exe, version, faulting module gdiplus.dll, version 5.2.6002.22791, fault address 0x0000f47d.