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    Showing Landscape PDF horizontally...not vertically?


      I have users that send PDF's in Landscape format to customers.  These customers receive the PDF's, and do not want to print them out (as they receive a high volume of them daily).


      When they receive the Landscape-formatted PDF's, they show up on the screen vertically.  I understand *why* they do this, and, I know that they can use the "Rotate" to turn them horizontally.  However, this is a customer, and I would like to help them without forcing the Rotate option.


      So, is there any way in Adobe Reader to have the Landscape PDF's come in and be set to show horizontally as default?  I haven't seen that option anywhere.


      If an option does not exist, and Rotate is the only way to get this to work, I guess I'll have to tell them that.