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    FLV advanced feature?

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      I'm trying to implement an advanced feature in my custom FLV player in

      I want to bring onto the screen, a "waiting for video to load..." movie.
      Once the FLV starts playing though, I want to fade this out.

      The trouble is, there doesn't seam to be any events for when the video
      "actually" starts playing.

      I have a function set for myNS.onStatus = function(info), and it looks
      for "NetStream.Play.Start" however, this is called right when the video
      gets loaded, and not actually when it first begins to play before the
      buffer is hit.

      I need to be able to offer feedback to clients to show them that the
      video is loading up and not locked up.

      Is there an event that calls, exactly when the player head is moving?