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    Calculate Height of itemRender for a non displayed elements (datagrid)


      Hi again... Let's see if someone can help me with this...


      I'm trying to measure the height of the elements of a 1-column datagrid with variableRowHeight=true. As far as I know, I only can access to visible rows item renderers. For example, if the datagrid holds 6 items, but I only see 2 of them, only 2 item renderers are accesible.


      What I need to know is HOW can I measure the height of the other 4 items that are not displayed. A way must exist to do this.


      All of this is because I have to set the datagrid height to the sum of the heights of the rows that ACTUALLY contains something. I mean, not leaving empty rows...


      measureHeightOfItems do wonders when variableRowHeight is set to false, but if not, and you are using custom item renderers, the measurement is wrong. I'm just trying to find a way.


      ¿Someone can help, please?