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    how to set reg.cgi for VideoPhoneLabs


      i start with stratus .i try set it to work with my dedicated apache server and sql but have no clue how to do it or where to put this file on my server.


      i realy have probleme with reg.cgi


      for now i did www/cgi-bin/reg.cgi and in the xml i set my websiteurl = "http://88..../cgi-bin/"

      also how to complete reg.cgi for have it to talk with my db ?

      here the reg.cgi file.

      help please ...

      #! /usr/bin/python --


      reg.cgi by Michael Thornburgh.
      This file is in the public domain.


      IMPORTANT: This script is for illustrative purposes only. It does
      not have user authentication or other access control measures that
      a real production service would have.


      This script should be placed in the cgi-bin location according to
      your web server installation. The database is an SQLite3 database.
      Edit the location of the database in variable "dbFile".
      Create it with the following schema:




      CREATE TABLE registrations (
          m_username VARCHAR COLLATE NOCASE,
          m_identity VARCHAR,
          m_updatetime DATETIME,
          PRIMARY KEY (m_username)


      CREATE INDEX registrations_updatetime ON registrations (m_updatetime ASC);




      dbFile = '.../registrations.db'


      import cgi
      import sqlite3
      import xml.sax.saxutils


      query = cgi.parse()
      db = sqlite3.connect(dbFile)


      user = query.get('username', [None])[0]
      identity = query.get('identity', [None])[0]
      friends = query.get('friends', [])


      print 'Content-type: text/plain\n\n<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>\n<result>'


      if user:
              c = db.cursor()
              c.execute("insert or replace into registrations values (?, ?, datetime('now'))", (user, identity))
              print '\t<update>true</update>'
              print '\t<update>false</update>'


      for f in friends:
          print "\t<friend>\n\t\t<user>%s</user>" % (xml.sax.saxutils.escape(f), )
          c = db.cursor()
          c.execute("select m_username, m_identity from registrations where m_username = ? and m_updatetime > datetime('now', '-1 hour')", (f, ))
          for result in c.fetchall():
              eachIdent = result[1]
              if not eachIdent:
                  eachIdent = ""
              print "\t\t<identity>%s</identity>" % (xml.sax.saxutils.escape(eachIdent), )
              if f != result[0]:
                  print "\t\t<registered>%s</registered>" % (xml.sax.saxutils.escape(result[0]), )
          print "\t</friend>"




      print "</result>"