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    Premiere CS4 won't load

    Adobe Addict321

      My Premiere Pro CS4 will not load.  I click to Icon in my applications folder to load it, and it begins.  Previously I downloaded a trial by Antares which is an autotune that changes your voice like Tpain.  Anyways I did not like it, I deleted it and emptied my trash.  When I go to load Premiere, it shows the files that it is loading.  Then a screen pops up from antares even though i deleted it asking me if id like to try or quit the application.  It does not matter what I click, it wont work.  The files that Premiere Pro gets stuck on is autotunemm.vst and autotuness.vst.  There may be more but those are the only ones that I can see.  I search for those files on my computer and they are not there.  Please Help.