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    Stop until button clicked

      Hi all - I'm on a deadline for a project today. I thought I knew this program but since it changed from RoboDemo to Captivate, I must have missed something.

      I need for the movie to stop until the user clicks on a button. Currently I have the button set for "On success: Continue". I assumed this meant that if the user did not click the movie would not go forward... but it does. How do you make the movie stop completely until the button is clicked?
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          MaureenD Level 1
          I think I just answered my own question here. It has to do with the active / inactive timing of the button.

          I had unchecked the "pause after..." box. I was under the mistaken impression that it would make the button inactive.
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            CatBandit Level 3
            Hi Maureen,

            RoboDemo was three to six HUGE versions ago (depending on which version of which product you had/have). Either way, it's been a number of years since RoboDemo. You missed a lot and most of it is good - grin. Welcome to Captivate!!

            In a way, you are right about the active/inactive line on the button, to the extent that if the "Pause After" box is unchecked, there will be no "active" period at all ... the button will display at all times, but will not affect movement along the timeline.

            Said differently, when the "Pause After" box is unchecked in the button "Options" tab, it allows the movie to progress without stopping for user interaction. The button is there, and the Success action will occur if the button is clicked while visible, but if nothing is done by the user, it is as if the button were not even there.

            You can compare this action to the Click Box option to "Pause until user clicks" ... that of stopping forward progress of the movie until an affirmative action is taken by the end-user - or not.

            Have a great day!