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    Very Basic


      Compared with other questions, this is basic... but.. I want to enter Text or Image Objects on my form -- simply add some static fields specific to one company on a form used by many companies. First, the "insert" menu doesn't contain ANY selectable item (they are all gray) and the side Icon Menu contains Text and shapes (Rectangle) but they aren't selectable!!  The Help screens tell me to select the Text icon but I am not allowed to do so (they are GRAY).  Is there some setting that I need to modify?  Sorry for the elementary question... should I use a different tool?  I appreciate a pointer to instructions, a guide, or an answer,... I am not helpless but I sure feel that way!!!   thank you so much.

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          It sounds as though you are editing a PDF with no form attributes.


          You could try opening it in Acrobat and selecting Forms > Add or Edit Fields and seeing if Acrobat can detect the fields for you.



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            Thank you for the answer.  Here is one problem -- I am using LiveCycle Designer, not LiveCycle Forms (maybe I should be using LiveCycle Forms, but my Adobe Professional comes up to Designer.  ?

            I originally tried to import a pdf form that already a 'form'; I figure the originators had set a certain parameter that didn't allow me to insert Text or Objects.  So I created a little form in Word, saved it as a pdf and opened it in Adobe.  Selected 'Forms' and LiveCycle Designer opened; it detected the fields, then I tried to add Object 'Text' but it isn't available to add (neither are lines, circles, images).  Strange.  I will go to the Designer forum, but even an understanding of whether I am using Designer wrong and should be using Forms?

            Thank you once again for any help you might give.  I attached the Word-created pdf first (typwritten test) then the original form I downloaded.

            Again thanks for your time.