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    Intro & Outro

    AllyPugh Level 1

      I have made a film. Dragged different clips onto my timeline. In order for the movie to have an intro I have dragged the contents of the film away from the start of the movie clip's timeline. I also have a soundtrack on the audio timeline which lasts longer than the visual elements do, but when I export the movie the audio which continues for a little while has been cut off?


      How do I add just a black screen intro and a black screen outro whilst the music plays?

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          shooternz Level 6

          Ensure the work area bar covers the entire duration of the movie you wish to export.


          Use Black Video instead of empty spaces to create your non image area.

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            Matt Petersen Level 3

            Careful your black intro doesn't go on too long. people often assume there is a technical malfunction and they'll start pressing buttons in their TV!


            might be an approriate time to show credits, or even just "a film by ..." in small type.



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              AllyPugh Level 1

              I was intending to use the blank spaces for credits but assumed I needed to export the video and then upload into After Effects to do so. Is it worth doing type/credits in Premiere you think? They're only going to be simple

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                shooternz Level 6

                PPro can manage simple titles very well.


                Do not use "blank spaces".   Create "Black Video" and use that.

                They can also mess up (mpeg) encoding

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                  Matt Petersen Level 3

                  If you're not doing anything fancy, Premiere will be fine. You can do stills, rolls and crawls. For the stills, you can use any video transition (dissolve, raise from/dip to Black or White).


                  FWIW, even if you really did want to go to AE for the titles, you wouldn't need to leave black at top and tail. you'd just nudge your vision along the timeline in AE and insert your titles there.



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                    AllyPugh Level 1

                    Ok. I've got it all sorted with black space etc. Done.


                    I'm now looking to export the film. I have done the normal export settings, when usually this brings up the Media Encoder it is now bringing up an error message. Is there any other way to manually Export?

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                      Matt Petersen Level 3

                      Entirley depends on where you're headed. If you're going to DVD, you can "Export to Encore" (sorry I can't recall which version of Premiere you're on. The process varies from version to version).


                      If you're going to YouTube, you'll want to use the Media Encoder to make a suitable file, say a 1024 WMV.


                      So "it depends".


                      How are you trying to export? What sort of error are you getting??



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Along Matt's line of thinking, your delivery scheme will dictate.


                        Now, if you want to do a Play First (for your Intro), then think about doing a separate Timeline in Encore. Encore has some problems, when you try to split things from a single Timeline, or when one tries to gang many things onto one Timeline. DVD-Video authoring allows so very much flexibility, that to separate things in PrPro, and then author the navigation in Encore, is usually the best way.


                        Good luck,



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                          AllyPugh Level 1

                          All I want to do is to Export the film as a Quicktime file ready to upload onto a Flash site I've designed.


                          I have followed the process for Export to the book, but when normally the Media Encoder launches, nothing happens. So I've tried to launch it manually from the Start Menu and I get the attached error message.


                          It launched fine the other day... Is there a way round Exporting using the Encoder?

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                            Matt Petersen Level 3

                            I've said this a lot lately...


                            unistall Quicktime, re-install Quicktime, try again.


                            if that fails, export as a Movie (what version are we in again?) and transcode to Quicktime using converter (like Super, if you're on PC).



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                              AllyPugh Level 1

                              Using CS4.


                              I'll try reinstalling Quicktime.


                              I don't know what is meant by transcoding? When I Export it gives me the first menu to choose my video format etc but then once I select 'Export' it brings up the preloader bar, which completes, then nothing happens from there. So at what point do I select to 'transcode' it?

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                                AllyPugh Level 1

                                The reinstallation hasen't helped. Still isnt loading the encoder when I export. S

                                oi I'm stumped

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                                  Matt Petersen Level 3

                                  OK, wierd.


                                  If you try to export as some other format (i.e. not Quicktime), what happens?


                                  If you show the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) while you export from Premiere, do you see the AME pop up in the list??


                                  Might be time for a uninstall/clean script/re-install of the suite.



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                                    AllyPugh Level 1

                                    HI, I'm still struggling with this problem.


                                    I have reinstalled the software, all the CS4 programs work fine and this does too apart from the problem that when I export, it gives me the menu to choose the output format, the location to save to etc etc. I then click export and the media encoder doesnt open.


                                    I opened the task manager and nothing appeared when I tried to export so...?


                                    Help this is killing me. I've made an entire film that I cant export

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                                      Matt Petersen Level 3

                                      so when you choose the Output format, does it matter which you pick? try something OTHER than quicktime (WMV or whatever) and see how that goes.



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                                        AllyPugh Level 1

                                        I've tried other formats and still nothing.


                                        I will try reinstalling once again tomorrow and get back on here with any updates.


                                        Cheers all for your input