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    Increase volume but not echo of recording in a room , how ?

    envirographics Level 1


      Premiere pro CS3

      No directional mic used, recording of a lecture in a room. The volume needs increasing but only that, I dont want to also increase any motor noise, and the slight echo quality if thats the right term for the sound you get of someone giving a lecture in a room, I dont want to hear that.

      What filters should I be using and what settings should I play with and which ones are best ?


      I have upped the volume to 6db, which seems to be the max available in CS3, but it still could do with more. I have the original also as an mpg and in Videoredo upping the volume of that to max (Tools>adjust audio slidetx5) is giving me a result louder and acceptable compared to that of premiere which leaves me wanting to 'up' it more. It lacks though controls over those other aspects I dont want to also hear.





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          If you have it, use Audition to increase the volume and at the same time remove the room noise using noise removal. Simply use the sample from the 'room noise or ambient noise' recording you undoubtedly made. Maybe Soundbooth can do it too. For lectures, use a wireless lavalier in the future.

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            Matt Petersen Level 3

            "what Harm said", but be realistic.


            CSI-style sound restoration is a myth. Noise reduction and some careful EQ tweaking can improve the situation, but it's unlikley to "fix" it.


            Proximity recording is the only way to go in a noisy environment. A minute spent on mic placement is an hour saved in post.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              What they both said. I use Audition for most similar work, and with the Restoration>Noise Reduction, some judicious EQ and Filtering, can do pretty well. Live room "echo" is tough, but if one spends a lot of time working with the EQ and Filters, it can be reduced. Also, be careful with Noise Reduction as it can ADD "echo."


              Now, here's something that might help, especially if you do not have Audition, or the time to do the work by hand in Audition - Magix has a little program, Audio Cleaning Lab, that is surprisingly good, and it's cheap too. I got this program in some bundle, installed it, and forgot it. I considered it to be a "toy," and I already had Audition and others for "serious" audio editing. One project was not going well. I was introducing more "stuff," than I was eliminating. In frustration, I launched ACL and ran the original file through it on the default settings - I was blown away at how well it did. With some fiddling, I got a great file! Teach me to jump to conclusions. For the few $'s that it costs, it has saved me plenty of time with similar bad recordings. I am still in awe of its power, and I think that I know Audition pretty well for video's audio cleanup. Might be worth a look.


              Good luck,



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                envirographics Level 1

                Thanks all for the tips,


                I dont have Audition.

                Audio Cleaning Lab sounds useful, I also wonder if it will remove mic wind noise, a common problem so one would assume they have addressed it. Despite buying a Rode video mic and hairy cover, its as if it was not there, terrible racket at times :-(...if anything the inbuilt wind mic on setting was better but I need to test to confirm. Many recordings ruined unless this prog solves it.