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    Adobe Reader 9 high CPU usage


      Hi Guys,

      wondering if anyone can shed some light on this issue.


      we upgraded recently from Reader 7 to 9 for PCs thoughout our organisation.


      since then there have been a number of users complaining that PDF's opened with reader 9 appear all scrambled and messed up as they scroll through the PDF pages.


      Through investigations it appears that (and more evident for the older single core CPU-PCs) the CPU usage hits 100% or close to max whenever i would scroll down the pages.


      I googled the issue and found similar posts but they referenced very old versions of reader (posts dated 2006)


      is anyone aware of this issue with the current 9.x Reader versions? is there a fix? some preferences we can disable (fyi it is not the adobe update service that i causing the CPU spike; it's definitely only happening when scrolling the PDF)





      windows XP sp3

      hardware: HP dc7100, dc7600, dc7700, dc7800

      (issues mostly with dc7100)