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    Premiere Pro CS4 imports nothing!!

    Raad Bitar

      hello mates, hope alla doing great

      i used to work on Premiere Pro CS2 with no problems...almost

      anyway recently i tried to use the new CS4 vrsion, but till now i can't imort any tipe of videos! even simple videos like AVI, MPEG, etc

      and when i try to import one all i get is "Unsupported format or damaged file"

      i can import audios and images but no videos!

      i heared its a codec problem

      any one can help?


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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          There are at least three possibilities that I can see:


          1) You're using the trial version, which has no MPEG support, and that's what you're trying to import


          2) The files you are trying to import are unsupported formats wrapped in supported containers (for example, an XVid coded file in an AVI wrapper)


          3) There is something seriously wrong with the codecs on your system due to other installed software or CODEC packs


          I'm not a gambling man, but if you make me, I'll put my money on "1" and "2".