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    Is there any issues of using IE 8 with coldfusion8 ?

    sivakarthikeyan Level 1

      The Coldfusion 8 applications have been planned to move to IE 8.


      DO we have any issues due to using ie8 ?


      while checking few sites,we received mixed responses. please let us know if there is any issues and the solution as well,

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          Adam Cameron. Level 5

          This is - virtually - a meaningless question.


          As far as websites go, all CF does is accept a request from a web server and generate character(*) data by way of a response which it passes back to the web server, which sends it the requesting client agent, which is usually a web browser, possibly IE8.


          So provided the character data CF generates is well-formed mark-up that IE8 can render, there is no problem.  But that's all down to the (developer-written) code written in the CFML templates, it's nothing intrinsically to do with CF (any version).


          The only way this question isn't meaningless is that some CFML constructs generate predefined mark-up or JavaScript code, which obviously also needs to fall under the requirement of "the browser can parse it".  As far as I know, any mark-up or JS that CF itself generates parses just fine on all browsers.





          (*) It occurs to me that CF can also generate binary data - eg: images  - but for the sake of this reply, that's not relevant.