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    Objects not working in browser


      I have some SWF buttons on two web sites, which I created using Dreamweaver 8.  I've now upgraded to Dreamweaver CS4, and get an error message each time I pull up one of the pages:  "This page contains some SWF objects that may not work properly in the most recent versions of Internet Explorer.  Dreamweaver cannot convert them to the new SWF markups.  Please delete each of them and insert again.


      These buttons are in tables.


      Two questions:


      1.  When I deleted them and inserted them again, they stopped functioning in IE, and come up with a "page not found" error.  Is there a simple fix for this?  (Try this web page and click on one of the buttons if you want to see the error code.  http://kayspod.com/2010/KP20100126_SeagullWave.html)


      2.  To be honest, one of the web sites is for an organization I belong to, and I'm trying to get them to upgrade also to CS4.  Are there going to be other similar issues coming up with the newer version browsers?  My concern is that, if we don't upgrade, we will eventually come up with more prolems, but there is a definite resistance to upgrading just to allow for "bells and whistles."