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    closing application behavior

    W. K. Edwards

      If I close Fc with a project loaded, even after a save, the cursor just sits there and spins as if the app is hung. I can end the process with task manager, and when I reopen, the project is saved ok.


      However, if I choose <file> <close project>, then wait for the project to close and let the app revert to the initial welcome screen, the app closes fine. Is this a bug? or is anyone else experiencing this behavior?



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          acath Level 4

          Hi W.K.,


          That's either a bug or a performance bottleneck. Does this still happen? Can you reproduce it reliably?



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            W. K. Edwards Level 1

            Last week I would have said "yes, I can repeat the behavior each time I use

            the app".


            Today, I just pushed for the behavior to repeat, and couldn't force it. I

            use many of

            the apps in the Master Collection and had never experienced this, so I

            reasoned it was

            a bug rather than a performance bottleneck. If it occurs again, I'll collect


            regarding memory usage, project size, other apps running, etc.


            Thanks for replying.