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    Help needed . Newbie question

    Mihail Alin

      Hello , i just discovered the kuler by watching a video tutorial . My problem is that in that tutorial doesn't really explain how to use kuler , i mean , OK i make a selection of colors , i save the "theme" and download it , i load it into the photoshop , but .... what do i do with it in photoshop ?

      for example : Does kuler gives me some sugestions where to use a certain color from the theme ?

      for example if yellow is the base color where do i use it ? i use that color as a background ? i used it for the menus colors .... thats what i dont understand .And if the yellow base is used for background , what do i do with dark yellow for example ? where do i put it !!!!

      Any tips and suggestions are very much appreciated , also sorry for my bad english .


      Thank you ,

      Mihail Alin