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    page curl effect


      please show me how to make a realistic page curl effect... I've try it, but it's look so bad.

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          tromboniator Adobe Community Professional

          You're not that far off. I think you just need to take a sheet of paper, hold the corner curled over, and look at it.  Draw a picture of it. Draw what you see, not what you've made on the screen or what you think it should look like, and I think you'll see the difference. You have a curve where you need a straight line, and abrupt corners where you need smooth curves. You know how to make the shapes.



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            Junk Mailer Level 3

            Seems like I remember some nice examples being available for download 

            in the Adobe Exchange. Just search page curl and  check Illustrator 

            as your application and you should find what you are looking for. It 

            would be easier to modify one of those to fit your taste than doing 

            one from scratch.