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    Using SummaryRow With XMLListCollection DataProvider




      I have an AdvancedDataGrid with an XMLListCollection dataprovider, which contains "invoices" which, in essence, look like this:




      I want to provide a summary row on the net, vat and total fields.


      I've done everything you're supposed to in to order to add summary rows and it "works", as you can see in the image below:




      As you can see though, it's not adding up.


      I've read in a few places that the SUM operation (or SummaryRows in general for that matter) don't work with an XMLListCollection. Is this true?


      If summaries don't work with an XMLListCollection what's the alternative? I've tried converting the XML from the server to an ArrayCollection but I'm having no luck.


      Any workarounds for this?


      Jake Howlett