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    How to control flash media?

      I've got few flash buttons and one main flash movie set up in separate layout tables.
      Now what I wanna do is to make each button start flash main movie at a different keyframe.
      I've tried with behaviors this way:

      Add Behavior/~Deprecated/Control Shockwave or Flash /OnClick/Movie(my instance)/GoTo Frame x

      But nothing happened!
      Just to test behaviors, I tried to open link by clicking on inserted flash button with corresponding behavior setup, but that also didn't work out.
      Is there something I am missing when using behaviors?
      And is there another way to make my buttons control starting frame of main flash movie?
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          Sashcko Level 1
          Hard to believe no one could help.
          Let me put it this way:
          Behaviors do not work in my case.
          Again, tried to start flash movie from specific frame, by setting right behavior to a flash button, but nothing.
          Also tried some other functions, to open a link in browser for instance, and nothing happened again.
          Please help, guess I'm just overseeing something....