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    Found: Handy free AVCHD converter for CS3 users

    Matt Petersen Level 3

      Occasionally my students come in having shot something on "Dad's new camcorder" and are dissappointed to find that PP CS3 doesn't like the AVCHD footage. There are a few converters out there for reasonable money, but in a lot of cases our guys don't have the dosh or don't have a credit card.


      Anyway, I came across a nice little converter for free that does a pretty good job.


      I know endorsements are against the forum policy so do PM me if you'd like the link. it wasn't a "first page of google hit", so if it's something you could use, it might save you a few minutes of searching.


      There's no watermark, just a web pop-up to the companies website at the end of the conversion.




      Matthew P