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    Currency icons in AdvancedDataGrid columns and AdvancedDataGrid with hierarchical datasource


      Hello everyone,


      I`m using AdvancedDataGrid for displaying a data. I want to display currency icons beside currency name. Since the nature of the business model, in some AdvancedDataGrid i use HierarchicalData as datasource and in other i use AdvancedDataGrid.dataProvider normally.


      The problem is i want to use the same component for displaying currency icons for itemRenderer of specific AdvancedDataGridColumn as for groupIconFunction of AdvancedDataGrid (important to notice is that my hierarchical data is grouped by currency).


      So, i have created custom itemRenderer and implemented IDropInListItemRenderer interface. That component returns currency icon and currency name which has to be displayed in specific cell. By reading the documentation, i saw that the groupIconFunction is function and i cannot use the same component as for itemRenderer - it expects function. Also, in documentation, i saw that groupItemRenderer of AdvancedDataGrid returns IFactory which is the same as itemRenderer of AdvancedDataGridColumn, so i tried to use that - the same component for AdvancedDataGridColumns.itemRenderer as for AdvancedDataGrid.groupItemRenderer.


      Now, i get the currency icons when i use my custom itemRenderer in specific ADGColumn.itemRenderer, and also get the currency icons in grouped rows of ADG with Hierarhical data when i use custom itemRenderer for ADG.groupItemRenderer , but i have no collapse/expand icon (little black triangle) in GroupedRow, so i cannot collapse or expand the hierarchical data - i have to collapse/expand programatically.


      How can i create a custom component so i could use it to display currency icons in specific columns of AdvancedDataGrid as in AdvancedDataGrid with hierarchical data.



      Any help please would be appreciated.


      Thank you!