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    Preserving quality of nested compositions

    Das Chimp

      I have a composition made of lots (and lots and lots) of text objects arranged in 3d. Some are huge and some are tiny. If you can read the big ones then the small ones will be too small to read and vice versa. The idea is to have the camera zoom in and out to show the large text and the small text in sequence.

      I have arranged these text objects in a composition and assigned them a null object as a parent. This works well but it leaves a lot of layers in the timeline which makes animating it a bit of a hassle. I have tried placing this composition inside another composition but this gives me some issues:


      Firstly the edges of the child composition get cut off. This I have rectified using the "Collapsable Transformations" toggle.


      Secondly, either I have the objects in the child composition very small so that I can see them all, in which case when I zoom in I can't read the small text because it becomes pixelated/blurred. Or I can make them huge...


      Is there a way to only rasterise the text at the last stage so that I can preserve the quality no matter how I animate them? I have turned on "Collapse Transformations / Continuously Rasterise" but it doesn't seem to work for text layers.


      Any help/advice would be great. Thanks in advance!