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    Dynamic text field won't show update until NEXT update happens


      In a very simple Flash file with bascially just a dynamic text field and a button I attached some very simple code to the button that updates the text fields .text parameter, like this:

      on(click) {
      some_textfield.text = some_value;

      With trace(...) I have verified that "some_value" is what I want it to be. However, the txt field doe NOT get updated! It gets that (b ythen old) value the NEXT time I press the button!

      So when I start the flash movie and click the button nothing happens, the next time I see the value I should have seen the first time, etc. - always one event late. Since the trace() I put inside the on(click) handler shows the correct value I'm really at a loss to explain why the text field is not updated.

      Any explanations?

      PS: By the way, I'm using font "_sans" so there's no font to embed, but trying Arial with "embed numbers" (I want to display an integer number) doesn't work either. I only mention that because I think to have observed something like the above strange behavior caused by embedding (or not) the characters.