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    render html from xml

    timdiacon Level 1
      sorry for cross post but general flash seemed the wrong place for this...

      OK I am loading in some html formatted text via xml. The text is contained within the <![CDATA[MY_TEXT_HERE]]> tags, I am encoding the xml using utf-8 and I have the html attribute set to true for my text field along with using the myTextField.htmlText property to set the contents of the text field.

      Despite all the above the html will not render it just shows up as if the text field is not an html one. If I set the content of the text field with dummy text via actions script (i.e. myTextField.htmlText = "<b>Here is some bold</b>" it works fine however when the content is loaded in via the xml it breaks!

      Is it possible to get html text to render properly when imported via xml?!