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    Premier Plus Help


      I purchased Premiere Elements 8 a few weeks ago. I tried to use the Christmas Theme and was informed I must upgrade to Plus, which I did about 3 weeks ago. I was still unable to use the themes, it still says I must upgrade.


      I asked for help and they closed my ticket saying it was escalated. After a week with no response, I opened another ticket simply asking for a refund. I was tild they turned off the auto-renew and the case was closed.


      I reopened it, same result.


      I am at the point of contacting my bank to dispute the charge. Dealing with these people is the most frustrating experience I have had in a long time.


      Does anyone have an idea of what else I can do? Customer service and support are not willing to help me get this working, and are not willing to refund my money. I am about ready to search for pirated versions so I can at least get what I paid for

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're talking about Photoshop Plus, I've had an account for over a year and have never had any problems, nor have I heard of anyone have problems using one of the Plus effects or templates.


          Do you have a good, dependable always-on internet connection?


          Can you be more specific about what you're doing and what's not happening?


          As for your issues with the Adobe and disputing the charges, no one on  this forum can help you there, unfortunately. This is a user-to-user forum. You'll need to work directly with Adobe's customer services in that regard.

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            tjwhitejr Level 1

            I appreciate your response. I understand no assistance with a refund is expected on this forum, I just wanted to let people know that a refund for plus is not possible. They do not refund, even if it does not allow you access to what you paid for. Pretty poor business practice.


            As to the problem, I attempted to use a theme and when I dragged it to the work space, a message popped up and said that this is for plus users only and I must pay $49 to upgrade. It has a small gold slash on the theme.


            So, I paid for the upgrade.


            For several weeks now, I have been back and forth with no actual helpful response on the online Customer Support portal. All I managed to do was prevent them from charging me next year. The account is active, I am able to log on to my photoshop account and it shows my plus status. My status is active in the store and everywhere I look.


            So, I go back to Premier Elements, drag any theme with a gold stripe to the work area, and it says this is for plus only members. I am then shown a login box and asked to provide a password, which I do. After it logs in I am told to click "continue" and I will be taken to the store where I can pay for the upgrade (again).


            No one will resolve the problem. I became frustrated with them as they took over a week to respond and only closed the ticket saying that I will not be charged next year. Frustrated, I re-opened the ticket and said if you can't deliver what I purchased, please refund my money.


            That ticket was closed and the explanation was it was being escalated. I reopened the ticket, and finally called them. It eventually was escalated to a higher authority who denied my request for a refund and closed the ticket.


            I am truly frustrated beyond belief. I really could not see myself EVER spending another dime with Adobe.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I'm sorry to hear you're so unhappy, tj. And I don't know what you're doing wrong. But, as I say, I've never heard of ths type of problem with Photoshop.com in the two years since Adobe created the site and linked it to the program.


              I'm also not getting enough information from your post to know what you're doing or offer advice. Sorry. Hope you get things worked out.

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                gpecht Level 1

                This post is already a couple of days old and I don't know if you are still having the problem with your plus membership. But if you are still looking for a solution......


                In order to use the themes/templates with the yellow ribbon over one corner you must sign in into your photoshop.com account when you open Premiere Elements. You do that on the splash screen, left hand side, when the program opens. It does not automatically sign you in, so if you try to use the extra content, you are asked again to sign up for the plus membership.

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                  Paul787 Level 3
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                  tjwhitejr wrote:


                  No one will resolve the problem. I became frustrated with them as they took over a week to respond and only closed the ticket saying that I will not be charged next year. Frustrated, I re-opened the ticket and said if you can't deliver what I purchased, please refund my money.




                  I am truly frustrated beyond belief. I really could not see myself EVER spending another dime with Adobe.


                  If you truly feel the company is being unresponsive and you purchased by credit card, phone VISA or Mastercard and tell them you would like to dispute the charge. Usually the credit card issuer will then reverse the charge until the company whose product you purchased responds to VISA/MC with a satisfactory answer.

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                    tjwhitejr Level 1

                    Thank you for your response. Despite logging in, I am still unable to download the themes. According to my online account, I successfully upgraded to plus, they took my money and it did not work. I opened a ticket, and 4 days later it was closed. I opened another and it was ignored - waiting for Support response. I simply became frustrated and asked for my money to be returned. A couple of days later they closed that ticket and said my account will not be charged next year. Case closed.


                    I finally spoke to someone, and told them I wanted a refund. I was told that my case would be referred to a higher level to approve my request. A couple of days later, the request was denied. No refunds. Period. Ticket closed.


                    At that point, I opened a dozen tickets and emailed the corporate offices. I explained the situation, that I was, at first, asking for help, and I was ignored. After all I was put through, I simply decided it was not worth the frustration, so refund my money and we will call it even. This was denied. Apparently, the corporate offices contacted the support group and approved the refund.


                    I received a call from them asking if they could close all but one of the tickets. I said I wanted all of them to remain open until I get a refund. I completely understand what effect open tickets have on their success rate stats, and I told her I will reopen twice as many tickets if they close any before I get my money back.


                    I have received my refund and all of the tickets are now closed except one. As I was typing this, Jill from Customer Service sent me an email letting me know my refund was successfully completed.


                    The way this was handled has left me quite a negative impression of Adobe. I had a Premiere Elements 7 Demo, which I really liked. When the Demo was over, I decided to buy and found that they had released Version 8. So much the better, I thought. My impression is that version 8 is slow and buggy and I should have stuck with version 7.


                    Yes, I have found all of the tips that deal with my issues on APE 8, and they helped some, but the product is very sloppy. I did not ask for a refund for this as I expect they will release updates that will fix some of the slowness issues and crashes.


                    And these are not related to my computer. I write and compile programs on this computer and I am also a musician, and this computer is part of a home recording studio and is optimized with a top of the line quad core processor, 16 GB Ram and a high end video board. It should be a dream for any video software. And yes, all drivers are up to date. My previous PC choked when I tried to compile an audio project using more than 8 to 10 tracks plus plugins. CPU maxed out and the audio was very scratchy in places. Now, my CPU does not even go above 20% on audio or APE 8.


                    I really don't see me sticking with Adobe for anything else in the future.


                    But I really appreciate the willingbess to help on the part of their users like you. That is probably the only good thing I have to say about them.

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                      tjwhitejr Level 1

                      I have done that on occasion with mixed success.When the response from Adobe comes back and says I agreed to their "no refunds" policy, and I am sure I agreed to that policy at some point, Visa will simply put the charge back on my card, and a month would have passed with no joy.


                      The fact that you did not get what you paid for becomes irrelevent to Visa when you agreed to "no refunds". I was only interested in the Themes. The online storage is of no value to me. I have several servers with unlimited bandwidth and space where I can host whatever I wish. And although I did not read the agreement (who does?), I had absolutely no fear that after I paid my $50 I could click on the themes and get what I needed. Plan "B" would have been help from tech support, and success. No downloaded themes and no help from Adobe was totally unexpected. So, if they had in big red letters "NO REFUNDS". I would have still paid.


                      And this appears to be yet another reason why companies who outsource support can't keep customers. I pulled a $150,000 per year contract from AT&T at work and went to a competetor because of poor support. They admitted the problems and are in the process of moving away from India in many areas. Not because of my booting them, but because I was only one of many.


                      I appreciate the help, though.