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    Feeding dataProvider by data from XML (HTTPservice from php file)

    martinbartosh Level 1

      Hi again


      i have got XML which is using by HTTPservice (mxml). I have got declared dataProvider ( [Bindable] public var datalist:ArrayCollection;).

      When im feeding datagrid by data from dataProvider everything is OK. I have problem when i`m doing new function on Actionscript. When i`m using Alert.show('dataProvider:'+datalist);" in this function i am getting null or [object, Object], [object, Object], [object, Object], [object, Object], and this is not filled by data.


      I`ve tried: onLoad, preinitialize, initialize, updateComplete, creationComplete, result (in HTTP service) and i can`t get moment when HTTPservice in mxml feeds my dataProvider (datalist) by data.


      My question:

      Where should i put "call out" of my new function to get dataProvider with data (no empty cells or null). I am working on function which is counting data in column from xml (external) to put it to pieChart. I have got few same data and i would like to count it - how often each data is present in one column (becouse i`ve got checkbox on PDF Form, and it put data to MySQL in form only 'Yes' or 'No'. I am trying now to count it on FLEX and put it to PieChart).


      I hope it make sense...