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    How do I make a specific frame of a movie clip display?

      I have a project for which I'm making subtitles for the narration, with the ability for the user to turn them on or off.
      I made the subtitles, covered them with a rectangle the same color as the background, and made a button which toggles between "SHOW TITLES" and "HIDE TITLES" -- when "SHOW TITLES" is selected the rectangle becomes invisible so you can see the titles, when "HIDE TITLES" is selected the rectangle hides the titles. The default is for the rectangle to be visible and the titles, therefore, hidden. (A script in the first frame sets the visibility of the rectangle to false)

      The problem is that the project is organized into 8 separate scenes, and so when it goes to a new scene, it was reverting to the default. So, I had the button create a variable, and then put a new script in the first frame of each new scene that checks for that variable and shows or hides the titles as required. So now the titles stay visible or invisible, but when it goes to a new scene the wrong button is displayed (the "SHOW" and "HIDE" buttons are in a 2-frame movie clip)
      How do I make the proper button show up?
      There must be a script to have the movie clip display a specific frame, but I don't know what it is.

      Thank you!