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    Help designing first app

    dajj123 Level 1
      Hi All
      I am working on my first real app. I have ran into a little snag trying to figure what the best approach might be. I have a html version of this app working. Here is a link to where I am stuck view html app. Now this is dynamicaly genereated based on whats in the db. Some categories may only have one item other may have two dozen. I have a xml version of this info that I will be using for the flex app see XML. The xml should make the data clearer as to what I am trying to do. I have been playing around with the accordion in flex. But I cant figure out what to use instead of tables in the accordion to layout the data. I do not need to use an accordion it just seem like a good tool. However I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to dynamicly created the accordion levels and then feed content into them. On the most basic level what I need is a way to display a top level list then when clicked displays thumb images with names and links. Tabs would not work too well though as there may be a dozen top level items as well as thumb nails. Its a bit like a photo gallery. In the flex app though instead of opening a new window it will load the full size jpg/swf file. I am hoping to use some transition effects on that to make it cooler. Hope this post makes sense and someone can give me some direction.