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    Why do my Contribute connection keys not work?


      I am using CS4  The connection keys that I create as a Contribute administrator do not work.  Now sure why that is, because my own connection as administrator DOES work.


      When I generate the connection key, I check "include the FTP username and password, and I have checked "Use passive FTP to connect to the server" in the Advanced Connection settings. In the "Would you like to send your current settings, I check "Yes", and I check" Include my FTP username and password. When the recipient of the connection key clicks on it, and enters his password, we get the following error message:


      "Your username or password is incorrect.  Please check your connection information."


      I have tried this a number of times.  I have even deleted the _mm folder on the server and started all over again.


      Thank you for any assistance you can provide.