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    HEX colour changes automatically


      I changed some text to HEX: #808285 but it automatically changes to HEX: #7F8185.


      You can see they are slightly different colours:




      Why does Fireworks do this? I am using version 10.


      Also, Adobe doesn't have newsgroup access anymore?


      Thank you for your help!

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          JoyceEvans Level 3

          I can't get FW to do that. Can you give specific steps please. You select text, change he color via property inspector, click on color block again and the color changes?

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            matsuka Level 1

            Yeah, that's exactly what I was doing. As soon as I hit Enter after choosing the colour in the properties inspector it would change.


            This is a really weird issue. I kind of figured it out but it must be a bug in Fireworks.


            If I paste the HEX # from the clipboard, that's when I have a problem. If I manually type it in it saves the colour as it should. Also using the colour picker works fine.


            UPDATE: I just tried again, the bug seems to have fixed itself. As I said this is a really weird issue!


            Thanks for your help anyway.

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              JoyceEvans Level 3

              I pasted it as well. Sometimes strange things happen and go away and sneak up again LOL. I love this software but the gremlins appear now and then :-)

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