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    Having issues with ebook reader/Adobe authorisation

    zlotnick Level 1

      I have bought a new Sony ebook reader PR-300. I have

      • installed the Reader Library
      • registered the Reader Library (Computer) with Adobe
      • registered the ebook reader with Sony
      • purchased 3 ebooks in PDF from WHSmith
      • downloaded the ebooks to the library


      when I try to drag & drop the purchased ebook from the library to the reader I get an error report that reads

      'Failed to authorize this Computer to the eBook store. (-1106)'

      I have checked the status of the Reader Library and it states that it is authorized for Adobe DRM protected content.

      I contacted Sony who looked into it and told me that it was an Adobe issue. I contacted Adobe who checked that I was registered (I was) but told me that I should email technical support. I thought I would post my problem on a forum first.....Any suggestions?

      The PC runs Adobe Reader 8.1

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          zlotnick Level 1

          Just to say that I have succeeded in solving my own problem! I 'Googled' the error number and a combination of the key words; Adobe Reader, Sony eBook reader. I found a solution posted on an American forum 8 days ago which simply suggested that Adobe Digital Editions be installed. I did this and was then able to transfer the ebooks from the library to reader. It seems that I didn't have enough software to support all the gumf I(very technical) I'd installed from Sony, WHSmith and so on. Of course I've forgotten to take note of the site address. I'll go and look for it and then post it later. I hope this helps anyone else who is experiencing this problem.


          The site is www.fixya.com


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