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    Full Screen in Catalyst


      I'm looking to make my Catalyst app display full screen at runtime, with no system menu or browser chrome. I've done this many times in Flash using fscommands. What's the best way to accomplish this through Catalyst? Building to AIR or .swf?


      I've tried taking the Catalyst .swf and loading it into a Flash CS4 movie clip, and making my .fla full screen using fscommands (which I could publish as an .exe).  But the Catalyst .swf doesn't play at runtime—it only shows up as a black screen. I made a quick testing .swf with Flash and it plays fine. Same file path (root directory), just different name. For some reason the Catalyst .swf doesn't play when loaded into a Flash movie clip.


      I've seen some references to doing this in Flex, but not sure if and how those techniques cross over to Catalyst.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!