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    Linking forums.adobe.com to groups.adobe.com

    Adam Oas

      Hey all,


      I'm trying to help Adobe out by being an advocate in my local area and actively running the Dallas AE User Group.  We've had in the past our own website, but recently decided that as Adobe was going to make groups.adobe.com a gathering place that we'd dump our own site and use that instead.


      However, I spent 20 minutes digging around adobe.com before I remembered groups.adobe.com



      If someone would please let me know who and where we'd update our link on this part to point off to the current link I'd appreciate it!



      the new active link for the Dallas After Effects user group is here.


      I'd also like to suggest that the "Developer" title (here http://www.adobe.com/communities/usergroups/) of the link to groups.adobe.com is a little bit of a misnomer as I'm not 'developing' anything... I just want to get together with like minded people & talk AE!





      Adam Oas