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    Library Folder automatically opens itself in Win7 64 Bit

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      I may have stumpled on another Windows 7 64 bit issue that is a niggly annoying problem that makes using the GUI a  royal pain-in-the-butt to use.


      In the folder panel (bottom right) if all the folders are collapsed and you click on any folder to expand it, the folder will expand, but the library folder will also expand (I have no idea why it does this)

      It only happens on one site i have, and its my biggest site - over 1000 files.

      It doesn't happen on all my smaller sites.

      It also happened on CS3, I figured the upgrade to CS4 would solve the problem - but it didnt.

      There doesnt seem to be any site properties that could affect this.

      It didnt happen on CS3 on Win XP

      My windows 7 is a clean install

      It could be a site specific problem, but I think if any of the other sites grow to that size, they too will exhibit this GUI bug.

      Has anyone else seen this on Windows 7 64 bit, I was thinking about building a 32 bit Win 7 machine just to prove its a 64 Bit problem - as those who know Adobe remember that there still is no Flash for a 64 BIT browser and the 64 Bit with folders being selected is still not solved, so maybe 64 bit Windows 7 isnt really supported, because the market is too small at this time ?


      Maybe the problem isnt anything to do with the Libary folder itself, maybe it could have been any folder that could automatically opens itself, it just so happens in this instance to be the libary folder


      The workaround is you have to collapse the library folder as soon as it opens up, but what a pain, after you have done this 1000 times, you get pretty fed up with the bug. Have thought about renaming the libary folder just to test if the bug follows the folder or attaches itslelf to another folder - But this is my live site, so pissing around with it isnt my favorite pastime.