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    Drop on a Tree Node - Help!

    aligned2009 Level 1
      On a drop on a tree node, I'd like to get the item that is being dropped on.

      Tree object being dropped on: event.currentTarget
      Index of node in tree being dropped on: event.currentTarget..calculateDropIndex(event); where event is the DragEvent
      dropTarget is a great name for a method that would do this, but it returns a display object.

      Some ideas:
      1. Use the index to somehow go through the XML data provider. I don't think this is the right way - the XML structure is not list based.
      2. The Tree creates a list from the XML. How can I leverage that and get the item for a given node index? dropTarget seems like the right term, but it returns a display object.
      3. tree.selectedItem and tree.Selected Items return null and an array of null, so I can't use that either.