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    Nesting comp within another comp


      I am new to After Effects and have watched a tom of video tutorials in the last few days, but one thing is escaping me right now.


      I created a comp with solids with the 3D layer checked to look like a room. With a camera added, I can move around the room in 3D space.


      I created another comp with an image of a TV and some other flat images that fade in and out over time to look like the TV is on.


      When I place this TV comp in the comp with the room, the animation of the images plays, but the tv does not move with the room when I move the camera.


      When I select the 3D switch for thwe TV comp in the room, then the TV moves with the room, but th animation does not play for the TV.


      When I select collapse transformations, the TV animation plays, but the TV does not move with the room.


      How to di get the TV animation to play AND the TV to move with the room when I move the camera?