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    Magic Bullet Looks effect not recognized from imported Premiere Project

    Martin HJA Level 1

      Hi there,

      I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong, but when I apply Magic Bullet looks in my premiere Project and then import this projekt into AE (either dynamik link or import or copy clips directly between the apps timelines), the MBL effects applied in my premiere clips will NOT be applied in AE.


      The clips in AE show that the effect IS on the clip, and the effect is actually enabled also. But when twirling down the effect options and opening magic bullet looks interface, there are NO paremeters selected. Therefore the MBL effect is not vissible.


      I have looks intsalled correctly in the mediacore folder of Adobe, so that both, premiere and AE can use Looks. Both are also original copies and serialized.


      Its a pain in the but, since I have to apply every singe effect of MBL again.


      The reason why I use whis workflow is, since I m shooting with my canon 5Dmark2 @ 30p but live in PAL land, I have to take the whole 30p edit from premiere, and use twixtor in AE to convert it into good looking 25p. (and YES, you have to use twixtor in AE, since the option that I need in twixtor is not availible in the twixtor plugin from premiere's interface).


      Win7 pro 64bit

      CS4 with all the latest updates installed.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Circular resource usage, complicated by W7, for sure, i.e. every of the plug-ins and programs wants to use the hardware acceleration and they get in the way of each other. I doubt very much that this can be resolved in any way that you would like it to work. As a test, you could try to convert the footage to a normal QT to eleminate hardware acceleration for H.264 from the equation. Likewise, turning off HW accel in Premiere as a test might reveal something. It's a far guess, though. It realyl seems a quite specific issue on all ends.