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    Date Related swf files

      Hi, I'm new to dreamweaver flash and have just created a swf file as a banner for my school web site. (www.dectc.bham.sch.uk). I would like to be able to automatically change the banner at different times of the year. E.g Snow for winter months, blossom for spring etc. Is there any way this can be done in dreamweaver or do I need to use other software? Any help would be appreciated.


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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you created the banner in Flash, that is a good place to create your seasonal displays and control them.  Using Flash actionscript you can use the Date class to determine what time of year it is and what visual should be displaying.  Each different display could be a different movieclip so you just control which one is being displayed based on the date.

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