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    Expert help needed with HSlider

    cheftimo Level 2

      I am using HSlider to filter minimum/maximum product prices from an ArrayCollection and am having trouble with the slider thumbs:


      The thumbs are supposed to appear at the extreme left and right ends of the slider. It works fine when I hardcode the prices in the 'values' property of the slider – say, like this:


      values = "[5.00,100]".


      But when I populate those values from AC data, like this,


      values = "[minPrice,maxPrice]",


      the thumbs both appear, one on top of the other at the extreme left, looking like there is only one thumb. When I drag the maxPrice thumb to the right, everything works as expected from then on, so I know the slider is getting the right data.


      All I need is those thumbs appearing at both ends like they are supposed to.


      Any ideas would be highly appreciated.