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    Getting Captivate skin to control flv


      I have a Captivate file that references an FLV. Is there a way to get the Captivate skin to control the flv...(i.e. pause flv, stop flv, play flv). We were trying to avoid having a Captivate skin and an FLV skin. It gets confusing for the user because they can press pause on the Captivate skin but the video contiues to play.

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          ksfowler Level 1

          In the Captivate slide,

          - Right-click on the imported flv

          - Select Properties

          - Select the Options tab

          - Deselect "Pause slide till end of video" (it's selected by default)

          - Select "Synchronize with project"

          - Click OK


          Obviously, if you're doing this, you should have selected Autoplay for the flv, and selected "None" for the skin.