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    After Effects CS4 and NFS Network Drop-Outs


      Hi all,


      We're experiencing a high number of NFS drop-outs ever since we've upgraded our department to AE CS4. I'm not saying CS4 is the culprit, I'm just saying this is when we started noticing the issue.


      13 Apple MacPro 8-core systems. 12 Leopard, 1 Snow Leopard.

      Projects are located on an Apple XServe 2.26 Quad-Core Xeon with 12GB RAM running 10.5.8 Server

      Projects are shared up via NFS protocol via gigabit network.



      Basically throughout the day, a random number of peole will lose connection to the NFS share, to which it returns on its own in a few moments. Though it's not everyone each time, all users encounter the issue at least once-a-day, usually more. (We have to different servers with NFS shares, one does not drop, the other does) The server that drops the share is the newer XServe Leopard and is the primary server where all the footage and projects are located. The 2nd server is just secondary library media and stock footage...


      Essentially, I'm curious if anyone else is having NFS issues since the update to CS4. I'm just trying to weed out all elements. It's hard to say if it's the server itself, as the logs only note a drop once-in-a-while... We also use Rush Rendering for our Maya renders, which we have just upgraded to the latest version and we get drops even when no one is using Rush or Maya...


      Very strange but extremely frustrating issue. It's not fun when someone is working on a project and loses it because the share drops out.


      Any input greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Session timeouts.... I really do think it's the server. AE doesn't care for specific network stuff, it's all just volumes/ drives to the program. To avoid these issues, you would have to shorten the refresh cycles on your server availability broadcasts or the "keep alive" cycles on the connection/ session settings themselves. I'd know how to do it on Win Server, but I have no clue with regards to XServe configuration. Still, certainly some simple console commands and a restart of the server software should be able to take care of the matter.